"DAWN OF A NEW DAY” for the Jurisdiction of Florida. On Saturday, 11 April 2015, the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge P.H.A. chartered its newest lodge. ANTHONY T. STAFFORD SR. MILITARY LODGE NO. 16, Kaiserslautern Germany. R.W. Clarence Jeffries, DDGM; R.W. William H Bell Jr., W.M.; PM Gustav Barnard, S.W.; R.W. Lawrence W  Huston Jr., J.W.; R.W. Bryan Crochran, Treasurer; R.W. James Hunter, Secretary…SO MOTE IT BE! --- with R.W. Therman Jones, R.W. Melvin Jackson.  M.W.G.M. Anthony Stafford Sr. M.W.P.G.M. Torrence M. Gardner Sr.;  M.W.P.G.M. Michael Moore, and M.W.H.P.G.M. Andrew Morgan."
                                                                                                                                                                       PGM Gardner M. Torrence Jr. April 11,2015
L to R
PM Therman Jones, PGM
Dr. Michael R. Moore, PGM Gardner M. Torrence, HPGM Andrew Morgan, MWGM Anthony T. Stafford S.r,   WM William H. Bell Sr., SW PM Gustav Barnard ,  Sec. PM James Hunter, PM Melvin Jackson
JW PM Lawrence W. Huston, Jr. and Treas. PM Bryan E. Crochran